Debt Advice

Why come to PY Financial Services for Debt Advice?

Our goal is to deliver tailored solutions to your circumstances. Debt Advice does not only mean helping with Home Loans. We can help give you options to pay your debt down sooner, save thousands of $ of interest on your loan, debt consolidation, increase cash flow or budgeting.

Mortgage Consultants have been identified as the number one choice for clients who are entering into a new home loan, wishing to refinance their existing home loan or do some debt consolidation.

Every client is different, we all have specific needs and circumstances. We listen and tailor an individual solution to your needs. Research is done to discover the best options available, with our experience we determine the lenders that are most suited to your wants and needs. Your Mortgage Consultant has access to over 35 lenders in the industry. Once you have advised the consultant which lender you would like to use, they assist with the management of the loan process from start to finish.

Banks are not loyal or customer focussed, we are! Many clients that we meet are not getting the best deal from their bank, either with the interest rate or the structure of the loan. Our only goal is to ensure you are in best possible product for your circumstances, sometimes this means purely restructuring your existing loan with your existing lender to take advantage of better rates and/or products.

Our job however doesn’t stop there! Your circumstances are reviewed regularly by your consultant, ensuring that your loan continues to meet your needs. This may be done via a quick phone call, an email or a face to face meeting.

We are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.