Will you be having Smashed Avocado or baked beans on toast for breakfast when you retire?

Personal superannuation is money that is put aside by your employer (and/or you) and saved while you are working, to ensure you have a regular income when you retire.  These days, the average Australian may expect around 20 years of retirement.

The more you put away now, how that money is invested and what it is costing you will determine how you’ll be able to spend your retirement. We can help you;

    • Determine the right fund
    • Identify any lost super
    • Consolidate your super funds to help save on fees (if applicable)
    • Implement suitable investment strategies
    • Understand your insurance options within super
    • Gain the benefits of salary sacrificing and other super strategies
    • Maximise your retirement savings

There are many options with regards to superannuation funds. In some circumstances what is set up by your employer may not give you the best options with either the way it is invested, the cost of the fund and the insurance within your super. Get in contact today to let us help you.