Wealth Creation, Investment Advice


  • an abundance of valuable possessions or money

Wealth creation starts with simple steps to address your time frame, risk profile and ability to save or invest.

Once we understand your needs and objectives, we can address the best form of wealth creation for you, be it to reduce your mortgage more rapidly or to compound your retirement savings. Many people find that they need to look at strategies to increase the amount invested to achieve these goals and this may be done by various borrowing strategies which often bring tax efficiencies to bear as well.

PY Financial Services has developed a powerful multi-step process that first seeks to determine a clear understanding of your general risk/return profile. This profile is then fine-tuned to ensure the portfolio of investments recommended is tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. Each fund and fund manager is selected for their outstanding individual performances in choosing and managing their individual pool of investments. This means you get access to outstanding money managers and you are able to select from a wide range of well-researched managed funds and securities options. This robust approach gives you a proven, predictable wealth building strategy.

The core/satellite approach is built on the premise of ‘protect capital first’ bringing years of experience, careful analysis of the investment marketplace and its strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, a total commitment to delivering financial planning for our clients.